American Made Knuckles is a premier designer and manufacturer of Brass Knuckle paperweights. These brass knuckles exemplify American Ingenuity with world class quality.

AMK manufactures our Brass Knuckles paperweights from solid brass plates. They are not castings, forgings, brass plated or anodized. We cut all of our brass knuckles on state of the art C.N.C machines and hand polish every single one down to the last detail. They are 100% American Made real brass knuckles paperweights!

They are Novelty, Decorative and Collectable Brass Knuckles and or Brass Knuckle paperweights. They are not for Self-Defense. Please see our Terms and Conditions page to see if you meet the criteria to purchase these knuckles but you better hurry cause they will go fast.

We are a small company who is tired of seeing all these cheap, casted, forged, aluminum, steel or plastic brass knuckles, brass knuckle paperweights and brass knuckle belt buckles that can be bought for $10. These are made from real brass. The material alone costs double that amount. They are very high end, valuable and collectable Brass Knuckles.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our real brass knuckle paperweights. If you've been wondering where to get brass knuckles then you've come to the right place. We guarantee you will not find a better Brass Knuckle on the market today. We have tons of styles of brass knuckles for sale!


History of Brass Knuckles










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